Dear Ohman Family Living Residents and their Families:

As the medical director of Ohman Family Living’s Holly, Briar, & Blossom facilities I want to assure you of our comprehensive commitment to minimizing the risk to our residents of COVID-19 exposure.

Similar to the strategies used to minimize exposure we will continue to focus on fastidious sanitation, routine hand-washing, restriction of ill employees from the facilities, and the prompt identification, isolation, and treatment of ill residents.

Our team of infection control nurses, directors of nursing, on-site administrators, and myself are continually monitoring the ever changing recommendations from the CDC and Ohio Department of Health in order to immediately implement the best preventive care practices for our residents.

Yesterday, there were 3 identified cases of COVID-19 in neighboring Cuyahoga County and Governor DeWine declared Ohio to be in a state of emergency.

At this time our facilities will be restricting all visitation to the general public and limiting the access to qualifying individuals outlined in the definitions from CMS. See excerpt below:

“Limiting means the individual should not be allowed to come into the facility, except for certain situations, such as end-of-life situations or when a visitor is essential for the resident’s emotional well-being and care. For example, a daughter who visits her mother every Monday, would cease these visits, and limit her visits to only those situations when her mom has a significant issue. Also, during the visit, the daughter would limit her contact with her mother and only meet with her in her room or a place the facility has specifically dedicated for visits.“

The leadership of Ohman Family Living will determine the limited access of individuals on a case-by-case basis.  Please feel free to contact me with questions.  Thanks for all your assistance in this matter.



Matthew Pawlicki, MD
Certified Medical Director
Member, The Society for Post-Acute and Long-Term Care Medicine