A Modern Approach to Shared Housing

by | Nov 22, 2022

Brand New Independent Living Cottages:
A Modern Approach to Shared Housing at Ohman Family Living at Briar

It used to be that shared living spaces were common, especially in large cities where apartments could be expensive and difficult to find. Shared living offered benefits that independent living did not: namely, meals, housekeeping, and one of the most essential components of happiness and comfort: the company of others in similar circumstances.

Shared common space is the way that many cultures and societies have been built. Friendships are created after sharing a meal, or after playing a board game and finding similarities with the person sitting across from you. Research from the world’s “Blue Zones,” where large numbers of centenarians reside and thrive, indicate that life is enriched and extended when it is lived within a community with strong social connections.

At Ohman Family Living at Briar, we see and understand the vital importance of community. Our shared independent living offers the best of all worlds: the companionship of another person living within the same home, plus the access to amenities that make aging an easier process, all within close proximity to downtown Middlefield and the resident life services on our campus. It’s a model we wholeheartedly believe in, as it offers our residents all the independence they desire with all the help they need, or will need, as they age in place. And, while we can’t replicate every Blue Zone characteristic, we can incorporate many of the ingredients that are found in those places.

Our newest shared independent living homes have been renovated from top to bottom, with beautifully elegant, yet simple finishes. We sourced local materials and craftsmen to create places that feel familiar and right at home in northeast Ohio. Each space is meticulously detailed to be warm, cozy, and comfortable, and it’s a place that we think you’ll be proud to call home.

When you need access to medical care, we have skilled nursing facilities just across the street. If the day arrives where you would need to transition to assisted living, we are able to make that process seamless. For those who need the funding assistance of Medicaid, we’re able to help you with the process as well as give you priority placement in our available long-term care Medicaid beds.

But, none of these services are of any use if they are out of financial reach for the average senior. So, in addition to offering all of the above services, we’ve established fixed low monthly costs that fit well within most budgets. Starting at just $1,350/month, our shared independent living cottages make the decision about affordability quite easy.

So, if caring for your home has gotten to be too much, or you just find yourself in need of the more regular company of others, we have a place for you. Let us help you navigate these next steps, knowing that at Ohman Family Living, we’ll help you find the confidence and peace of mind for the next chapter.

*New single-family cottages are being built for 2023. Please give us a call if you are interested, and we can put your name on our waiting list.